Saturday, December 11

+ I get mad easily nowadays. even tho I try to push the anger back down, it sometims comes out anyway. plus, my little sister got a very sinister hallucination, so mum has to take her to the psychologist. I didn't get it, then mum would say that I was stubborn and immature, etc, etc. she may consider me a bit slow in realising things weren't quite normal. but yah, what else could I say?

+ I have to revise my paper, make some changes and stuffs. dude, achieving this state of mind was pretty difficult. my mid smt result, it makes me think I'll be taken as youth driven to clean out the dead wood.

+ I became more solitude, like I was kind of fidgety as I met a lot of people I didn't get comfortable. how the ruddy hell. funny enough that hasn't been a problem now.

+ I just can't stop looking thru that photo. same hair do, those well-groomed, black and lustrous eyebrow that have caused me actual physical pain once or twice, never cease to amazed me. and I was like, shite. my stomach lurched and nauseous and I hate this kinda feeling which gives me the emotional equivalent of brain freeze.

+ I'm craving for a lifetime holiday. I seriously need a cool day riding.

Friday, November 12

Over champagne.

+ :sembilan bulan! percaya nggak? sembilan bulan! kok gue belum maju-maju sih ya, hahaha.

- : din...aaah :(

+ : nyantai kali. gue masih inget baunya loh ngomong-ngomong. sniff sniff.

- : keluarin aja din, nangisin aja. gapapa kok.

+ : ??

_ : itu muka lo udah merah. mata lo udah berembun gitu nahan nangis.

+ : ini alergi, bukan nahan nangis.

hahaha, it's funny in a sad sort way.too deep for irony, too appalling for laughter. no. actually it seeks favours. I weep uncontrollably and complete with lots and lots of mucus.

Monday, October 18

abruptly abandoned.

It's good for the soul to get away from civilization sometimes, don't you think so?